… Then there will be migration for water in Jharkhand, said Dr. Patanjali Kesari in Prabhat Khabar discussion on World Environment Day


Dr. Patanjali Kesari, president of Paryavaran Parivar, has said that the way the heat is increasing, the water level is going down at a faster rate. Now the day is not far when there will be migration in Jharkhand due to water. That’s why people need to be aware and start collective efforts for water conservation.

People should make arrangements for water harvesting in their homes.

He said that people of rural areas including Garhwa city should also make arrangements for water harvesting in their homes. He said that this arrangement must be there in the new houses being built. Dr. Kesari was addressing a discussion organized by Prabhat Khabar and Paryavaran Parivar on World Environment Day.

These people were also present

He welcomed this initiative of Prabhat Khabar. Prabhat Khabar’s bureau chief Vinod Kumar Pathak presided over the programme. At the same time, Prabhat Khabar’s representative Piyush Tiwari and Rajkamal also contributed actively in making the program successful. Teachers Damodar Prasad, Pooja Devi and Vrinda Thakur were present on the occasion.

Timber plants planted in Gayatri temple premises

Prabhat Khabar organized a discussion on World Environment Day with the help of NGO Paryavaran Parivar. The people present in this program organized at RP Nursing College, Kalyanpur took a pledge to plant at least one plant during the rainy season and save it. On the occasion, timber saplings were also planted in the college premises and Gayatri Mandir premises.

Mission Life program organized on World Environment Day in Jharkhand, Minister Badal Patralekh appeals to the people Sangeeta Srivastava, former chief, Narhi Panchayat, Garhwa, on this day everyone needs to move forward with a resolution. If everyone takes a pledge to plant one plant each and save it for a few years, a big change will be seen. Neeraj Sridhar, Provincial Minister, Sanskar Bharti, Corona period has explained us the importance of nature. When people were imprisoned in homes, nature itself became pure. He said that we all need to make efforts to maintain environmental balance in our homes and surrounding areas.Abdul Mannan, Shikshakgarhwa Efforts need to be made to save the Danro river, the lifeline of the city. It has been given the form of a drain by dumping garbage on behalf of the city council. He said that the nature in the city can be purified by planting trees on the banks of this river.Akhilesh Kushwaha, Garhwa Block Coordinator, Gayatri Parivar Hum Sudharenge, Yug Sudharega slogan needs to be implemented. Everyone expects others to try to save the environment, but does not want to take any initiative himself. This situation needs to be changed. Anjali Shaswat, Pandit Harsh Dwivedi Kala Manch It is unfortunate that the journey of more than half a century has been covered while celebrating Environment Day, but the problem of environmental imbalance is increasing. He said that environmental imbalance must be discussed in every seminar-programme. Motivate people to plant saplings and water harvesting. Dr. Isteyak Raza, today everyone needs to take a resolution that they will definitely plant at least one tree during the rainy season. He praised this initiative of Prabhat Khabar and said that political parties should play a special role for environmental awareness. This campaign of Somnath Vishwakarma, Advocate ‘Prabhat Khabar’ will be successful. People are now showing awareness towards environmental protection. Paryavaran Pariwar has also provided thousands of saplings to the people. If even half of this is saved, then the change will be visible.


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