PHOTO: These pictures of Tundi forest of Dhanbad will fascinate you on World Environment Day, read detail report


The road passes through the dense forest of Tundi in Dhanbad district.In a few years, 11 thousand 725 trees were cut in Dhanbad district for road widening. From the major areas of the city to the rural areas, the effect of cutting trees on a large scale is also visible. Especially due to felling of trees in the city, there is no shady place left on the road. Despite this, 14.18 square kilometers of forest area has increased in the district in five years.

This picture of Dhanbad will fascinate anyone.

This figure is based on the last survey report released by the Forest Survey of India (FSI) in the year 2022. According to the survey conducted in 2017, the total forest area of ​​Dhanbad at that time was 204 square kilometers. It has increased to 218.18 square kilometers in five years. The Forest Survey of India will again conduct a survey of the forest area of ​​Dhanbad this year.

There is a dense forest in Tundi of Dhanbad.

Before this, the Forest and Environment Department has started preparations. According to the officials of the Forest and Environment Department, Dhanbad has got the benefit of continuous plantation by the Forest Department and the Municipal Corporation. According to the survey conducted five years ago, about 10 percent of the total geographical area of ​​2040 square kilometers in Dhanbad i.e. 204 square kilometers came under forest area.

There is a dense forest in Tundi of Dhanbad.

Trees were cut in the city, but saplings were planted at Tundi, Topchanchi Nirsa and other places. This is the reason that in the report of Forest Survey of India, there has been an increase in forest area in the areas of Tundi and Topchanchi. In the last five years, apart from the Forest and Environment Department, other organizations have also planted saplings on a large scale. There is a rule to plant 5 saplings on cutting of a tree. According to the officials of the Forest Department, saplings were planted as per the rules.

Plantation has been done on a large scale in Tundi of Dhanbad district.

Forest Survey of India marks forest land in three forms. These include Dense Forest Area (VDF), Moderate Forest Area (MDF) and Open Forest (OF). In the dense forest area, 70 percent or more of the area does not see sunlight, which is not the case in Dhanbad. Sunlight does not reach 40 to 70 percent of the forest land in the MDF forest area. Open forest is called such a forest, where 10 to 40 percent sunlight falls on the forest land.

Large scale felling of trees in Dhanbad.

According to the report of Forest Survey of India, from 2017 to 2022, the number of bushes in the forest area of ​​the district has decreased. According to the report, in 2017, there were bushes in 20 square kilometer area. It has reduced to 19.52 square kilometers in 2019 and 16.05 square kilometers in 2022.

Trees cut to make these roads

5,811 trees cut for Gol Building- Kako Math road

414 trees were cut for the construction of City Center-Barwadda road

3,000 trees were cut to make Mahuda-Govindpur road

2,500 trees were cut to make Rajganj-Pindrajoda road


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