indian railways what is electronic interlocking which is reason behind balasore coromandel train accident rjv


What is electronic interlocking in railways?

Simply put, interlocking is a system to ensure the safety of the train. Railway Electronic Interlocking is a system used to control the railway signaling system.

Interlocking means that if the loop line is set, the loco pilot will not receive the main line signal. On the other hand, if the main line is set, then the signal of the loop line will not be received.

Electronic interlocking is a system of signal arrangement, which creates a system between the line and the trains, which avoids train collision.

Due to the electronic interlocking system, no train gets the signal to proceed until the line is clear.

Electronic Interlocking System is a microprocessor based interlocking device for reading yard and panel inputs. This system is an alternative to the conventional relay interlocking system.


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