do gardening by planting saplings on world environment day save water like this bml


World Environment Day 2023: You know that pollution is standing as a challenge before our environment. The easiest way to keep the earth safe is to plant trees. During this summer vacation, you must try to plant at least five fruit trees. Yes, as long as you stay at home, you must protect it. Then when the school starts opening, don’t forget to get its news every week. This little effort of yours will contribute significantly in making the environment safe. If you are fond of gardening, then plant plants of colorful seasonal flowers like rose, marigold, champa, queen of the night, lily, hibiscus, sunflower in small and big pots according to the place. If you have more space, you can also grow seasonal vegetables like tomato, okra, bitter gourd, the taste of eating vegetables at home will be different.


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