Taste : Onion’s Evergreen Dishes


Recently, it was read in the news that Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, who is still known as Gwalior Naresh, carries onion lumps with him to avoid heat stroke during the scorching summer season. The life of an elected representative of the public and a public servant is never a bed of flowers. Whether rich or poor, one has to run in every season. That effect of onion, which is a poor family, also keeps the leader of the dynasty safe. But here we are not talking about quality or effect, but about taste. Therefore, there is a need to immediately turn in that direction.

The first taste of onion is pungent, which brings tears to the eyes while peeling and cutting it. This pungent flavor makes onion attractive in chutney or theche. Stale roti also becomes tasty with crushed onion alone. If available, red chillies, garlic, roasted tomatoes can accompany the flavors of onions. Those who cannot bear such a pungent taste, they make this taste soft by turning onion slices in water. Similar onions are used in salads and raita.

There are many species and varieties of onions. One onion has pink peel, while the skin of the other is absolutely white. There is a difference in the sharpness of the flavors of both of them, there is also a difference in their natural sweetness. Some people may find the talk of sweet taste in the context of onion strange, but if the amount of onion in any vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish is excessive, then it first registers sweetness on the tongue. Istu of Delhi and Bhopal is the best example of this. To cut this sweetness of onion, it becomes necessary to add little amount of curd or tomato in its cooking method. This sweetness is very less in the raw green onion which is used for salad. The taste of that onion becomes sweet when cooked with its green leaves.

The flavor of onion is not only pungent (due to volatile iodine), it is also very effective. Small particles of Qatari onion add life to chaat items like Bhelpuri or onion flakes enhance the flavors of tandoori tikkas and kebabs. It seems incomplete without onions. Even in a light snack like poha, a little bit of onion makes this dish – Kanda Pohe. Vindaloo, which gives prominence to vinegar and onions in Goa, has gained popularity all over the world. The name is derived from the confluence of the first letters of the words used for vinegar and onion in the Portuguese language.

In foreign countries too, different flavors of onions are used in different cuisines – from salty tots to sweet marmalades, jams. At present, onion is used like a polytheist in Tadka or Baghar. The world of fried onions is unique. Biryani or Pulao cannot be imagined without it. In the past, many people used to avoid onion considering it as vindictive, but now this restriction has almost disappeared.


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