A fake candidate from Bihar’s Arwal caught appearing for Diploma in Pharmacy exam in Ranchi


Namkum (Ranchi), Rajesh Verma: Shivpujan Sahay, who was appearing in place of another in the ongoing Diploma in Pharmacy examination at YBN University, Rajaulatu, capital Ranchi, has been detained. It was told that during the investigation done by the examiner, he was caught after finding a difference between the photo of the candidate and the admit card. According to the police, accused Shivpujan will be sent to jail on Monday.

Mo was giving exam in lieu of Shahabuddin

According to the information, the examination of Drug Store and Business for the year 2019-20 of Diploma in Pharmacy was canceled on Saturday and held in the first shift on Sunday morning. On Sunday, the candidates came to take the exam. During checking by the examiner, a difference was found between the photo of the candidate taking the exam and the photo of the admit card. After examining it thoroughly, the young man giving the exam told that he is giving the exam instead of the candidate Mo Shahabuddin.

A fake examinee of Bihar was caught

In this case, Central Superintendent Chandrajit Kumar told in the application given to Namuman police station in-charge that the examination of Diploma in Pharmacy second year was being taken between 9 am and 12 noon on Sunday. Meanwhile, a fake examinee was caught in room number 403. In the investigation, it was found that in place of Mohd Shahabuddin, a student of Banshidhar College of Pharmacy, Shivpujan Sahay, a resident of Nighwan under Arwal district of Bihar, was taking the exam.

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Demand for action against both the accused

He said that Dr. Shubhashish Sinha and Kanchan Kumari, the supervisors posted on duty, took Mo Shahabuddin’s admit card, Aadhaar card, exam copy and accused Shivpujan Sahay’s Aadhaar card under protection and handed it over before the deputed magistrate. He has demanded legal action against both of them from the station in-charge. On the other hand, in this case Inspector Sunil Kumar Tiwari, in-charge of the police station, talked about sending the fake examinee to jail on Monday.


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