Jharkhand: Naxalite Rajesh’s dead body refused to be taken to the village, last rites performed on the banks of the dam in Gumla


Gumla, Durjay Paswan: On June 1, the relatives of CPI Maoist sub-zonal commander Rajesh Oraon, who was killed in an encounter with the police in Anjan forest, refused to take the body to the village. The relatives said that Rajesh had killed many people. Because of that the village has been defamed. That’s why the dead body of a Naxalite cannot be taken to the village. Finally, after the initiative of the administration, the dead body of the Naxalite was cremated on the banks of the dam at Karamtoli. However, after persuading the administration, the brother of the deceased Naxalite and some youths had reached Gumla from the village. The dead body of the Naxalite was cremated in his presence.

refused to take the dead body

Let us tell you that brother of deceased Naxalite Bhaiyaram Oraon and sister-in-law Basanti Devi had refused to take the dead body after late night post-mortem. After this, after persuading the police at 11 am on Friday morning, the dead body was taken from the post-mortem house by the deceased’s brother Bhaiyaram Oraon and brother-in-law Madan Oraon and cremated near the dam in Karamtoli. At the same time, the brother-in-law told that all his last rituals have been completed in a single day.

Naxalite Rajesh Oraon was unmarried

Brother told that Rajesh had left the house in the year 2003-04. After that he did not come home. Was arrested in Ghaghra in 2005-06. He was released from jail after one year. Was at home for a few days. After that he again came in contact with the Maoists and became a Naxalite. He didn’t get married.

Ground report: Rajesh killed in police-naxalite encounter, became a Naxalite in 2003, family members refused to accept the dead body

Doctor angry with Magistrate’s attitude, Naxalite’s dead body refused to do postmortem

On Thursday night, the police picked up the dead body of Naxalite Rajesh Oraon from the Anjan forest and brought it to the post-mortem house. The post-mortem of the dead body was to be done under the supervision of the magistrate. But, the magistrate did not enter inside the room during the post-mortem. Due to which the three-member postmortem team of doctors got angry and refused to postmortem the dead body of Naxalite. The doctors asked the magistrate to take the dead body to Ranchi Rims and get it done for postmortem. Due to this, the matter of postmortem of Naxalite’s body became disputed. Finally, after the persuasion of a Gumla police officer, the doctors did the post-mortem of the dead body. The doctors said that if this type of attitude prevails, then in such a big case, the post-mortem of the dead bodies will not be done in Gumla. Please tell that as a rule, the post-mortem of the dead body of Naxalite Rajesh Oraon was to be done by three medical teams under the supervision of magistrate and videography. But, the Magistrate did not supervise during the post-mortem. Due to which the doctors had stopped the post-mortem of the dead body for hours. The postmortem was done by Dr. Premchandra Bhagat, Dr. Suchan Munda and Dr. Sunil Kisku. Four bullets have come out of the Naxalite’s body from the postmortem.

Used to roam around on bike, girls were worried

Deceased Naxalite Rajesh Oraon often roamed the villages by bike. He was unmarried. But, often used to harass girls. Rajesh was a Naxalite. Because of this, some were reluctant to complain against him in the police station.


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