The youth of Surat cycled 550 km and hoisted the saffron flag in Khardungla.


Surat / Ahmedabad, June 1 (Hindustan). Impressed by the idea of ​​India’s Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, six youths from Surat traveled 550 kilometers on cycles to hoist saffron at 17,982 feet height of Khardungla. These young men and women also gave the message of Sanatan Dharma tradition by hoisting the saffron flag at this height. The group of these cyclists passed through the Atal Tunnel. This is the first time that permission has been given to travel by bicycle through the Atal Tunnel.

In fact, young men and women associated with different professions of Surat have taken a unique initiative to propagate the country’s Sanatan Dharma tradition and the idea of ​​global brotherhood. Due to this, Architect Prasad Ravtole, Senior Medical Officer Dr. Laxman Taheliyani, Software Engineer Prafulla Jha, Assistant Manager of Union Bank Manisha Singh, Regional PF Commissioner (Second) Priyanshu Singh, Breadliner brand businessman Nitin Patel organized a tour of the mountains between Manali to Khardungla. Crossed six passes by bicycle. These youths traveled 550 kilometers by bicycle and hoisted saffron at 17982 feet height of Khardungla and also gave the message of Sanatan Dharma tradition.

At the height of 17982 feet of Khardungla, the amount of oxygen becomes less than 50%, then the amount of oxygen in the body used to be 65-70. The temperature ranged from minus 15 to 20, but due to high spirits, they accomplished their goal. These daring cyclists scaled Rohtang Pass (13050 ft), Nakila Pass (15547 ft), Baralachala Pass (15910 ft), Lachungla Pass (16616 ft), Tanglagla Pass (17480 ft) and Khardungla Pass (17982 ft) during their journey of 550 kms. ft).

Cyclist passing through Atal Tunnel for the first time

Nitin Patel, a businessman involved in the yatra, told that before this no cyclist was allowed to go through the Atal Tunnel. The local administration gave them the opportunity to pass through the Atal Tunnel, which made our journey possible. We were stunned to see the country’s progress and technology in the form of Atal Tunnel, indeed this tunnel is a matter of pride for the countrymen.


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