Jharkhand: Hide and seek game going on between sand mafia and task force in Giridih, illegal lifting happening every day


Giridih, Mrinal Kumar: A game of hide and seek is going on between the sand mafia and the task force in Giridih district. Task against the sand mafia: Whenever action is taken, the sand mafia calms down, but after a few days again, the sand mafia starts lifting sand from the rivers. To save the existence of the only Usri river in the district, on the one hand, the district administration is continuously campaigning, on the other hand, various social organizations are also active for this. Even after this, the sand mafia is continuously lifting sand from the river. As soon as the action of the District Task Force slows down, the sand mafia starts taking advantage of it.

Resentment among people due to increase in the rate of sand

Sand is being lifted day and night from various sand ghats in the urban area. The sand mafia illegally extracts sand from the river and sends it for sale in trucks and tractors early in the morning. Using the pretext of ban, they are selling sand at an expensive rate from sand traders. People are also buying sand under compulsion. Sand is being lifted illegally from almost all the ghats of the district in urban areas. Sand mafia smuggles sand under the guise of government schemes. At present, sand is being sold from various ghats in urban areas for Rs 1000 to 1200 per tractor. There is a lot of resentment among the people due to the increase in the rate of sand. People say that when lifting of sand is banned, then why is it not banned in Giridih.

Sand lifting starts on these ghats as soon as morning

Apart from Jhariyagadi, Garhatand, Udnabad Usri river sand ghat, Barakar river, Argaghat, Shastri Nagar ghat, Bhandaridih, Sihodih, Ranikhawa, Bankhanjo and Motileda sand ghats, lifting is being done from other sand ghats under Giridih Muffsil police station area. Sand is dumped on the river ghat by digging day and night. Then it is sent through tractor and truck as per the demand. In Garhatand of Mufassil police station area, sand mafias have dumped sand on a large scale in the open ground. When action is taken by the administration, only dump sand is supplied through tractors.

Major accident in illegal stone quarry in Giridih, poklen driver killed, four laborers injured

Danger is hovering over many bridges along the Usri river

The Usri river flowing in Giridih city is considered to be the lifeline here. But, due to continuous sand lifting, the very existence of the river is in danger. Along with this, the bridge built on the river is also in danger.

Allegations of offering to police personnel

A tractor owner who used to lift sand from Bankhanjo Balu Ghat told that after lifting the sand, the Panther soldiers and the patrolling team also have to be offered. After this the car comes out of the river. Told that the patrolling team of Pachamba and Mufassil police station takes 500-500 and the patrolling team of Nagar police station takes Rs 600 per tractor per day. Apart from this, the soldiers of Panther take 100 rupees per tractor per day. Panther soldiers are present from 6 am to 11 am. After this, if the team raids and seizes the tractor, then the offering has to be made along with the fine.

The game of leaving the car is also going on

Here, in the urban areas, the process of leaving sand-laden vehicles by holding them is also going on openly. This can be seen in Mufassil and Pachamba police station area. A police officer caught a sand-laden tractor in the morning for three consecutive days from Sirsia of Mufassil police station area and released it after taking a hefty amount. This game is going on in Sihodih.

Giridih: Stop destroying tribals, administration given ultimatum till May 17

Panchayats have got the responsibility of 15 ghats

The district administration has given the panchayats the right to lift sand from 15 ghats in the district. But, only six blocks will be able to get the benefit. The remaining blocks will still have to depend on these six blocks only. By lifting sand from the small river ghats of the district selected under Category One, there has been relief in the implementation of local level schemes, but the panchayats far away from the ghats which have been marked for sand lifting, now There is also a problem with sand. The administration has constructed Dilibad Ghat of Kubari river in Giridih block, Khawa Ghat of Bori river, Nawadih and Pindatand Ghat of Kubri Nala, Gadi Ghat of Tinkonia Dhab Nala, Chankiyari and Gamaria Ghat of Chorgotwa river in Bengabad block, Artoka Ghat of Mungo river, Chorgota. Basmata and Balidih Ghat of Nala, Sukhnudih Ghat of Patro River of Jamua, Madhwa Ghat of Chhanua Nala, Kundaidih Ghat of Budhiya Nala, Manjhane Ghat of Manjhane Nala of Gaon Block, Gawan Ghat of Charha Nala, Kanikent and Ghasi Ghat of Likhar Nala. Is.

182 FIRs, one crore 30 lakh fine collected: DMO

DMO Satish Nayak told that a continuous campaign is being run against sand smuggling. From 2022 till now, 182 FIRs have been registered. A total fine of one crore 30 lakh has been collected. At the same time, 251 vehicles have been seized. Told that all station in-charges and all COs have been directed to take action by the Deputy Commissioner. The District Task Force also takes action on the information.


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