Bihar Teacher Restoration: Appointment in many subjects will not be easy, STET candidates will be five times more than vacant posts


It will not be easy to become a school teacher in certain subjects in class 9th to 12th in Bihar. For example, computer science in higher secondary schools and social science for secondary schools are subjects where the number of candidates passing the qualifying examination is much higher than the number of vacancies announced. For example, the total number of vacancies in social science stream in secondary schools is 5425, while the number of STET pass candidates for 2011 and 2019 is 82692. There can be 15-16 candidates in line for one post in this subject.

There will be challenges in many subjects

In secondary classes, the most difficult challenge will be in Science, Mathematics, Hindi and Urdu. More than four times 21198 against 5425 vacancies in Science, 20796 against the same number of posts in Mathematics, more than three times against 2839 posts in Sanskrit, 6180 STET candidates can compete. 10305 STET candidates can be eligible to take the exam for 5486 posts in Hindi.

Being a Teacher in Computer Science Will Be Challenging

Similarly becoming a teacher in class 11 and 12 only in computer science will be challenging. There will be fierce competition in this. In this, the number of STET qualified candidates is 18142 while the vacancies are less than half of that at 8395. In fact, all the candidates (employed teachers) who have passed STET in the years 2011 and 2019 have been considered eligible by the Bihar Public Service Commission for the post of school teachers. Because of this the challenge has increased.

Competition is less in higher secondary, but there is more possibility of vacancy

STET pass candidates will be less as compared to vacancies of main subjects in class 11th and 12th. Because of this, it is considered easy for talented candidates to get jobs. For example, Botany has only 1427 against 2738 vacancies, Chemistry has 1491 against 4799 vacancies, Physics has 822 against 3022 vacancies, Sociology has only 622 STET candidates against 1434 vacancies.

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special facts

Total Number of STET Passed Candidates in 2011 and 2019 for 90518 Posts in Plus Two Schools – 2.21 Lakhs

Total vacancies in Secondary – 32916

STET total pass in 2011 and 2019 – 161689

Total Vacancies in Higher Secondary – 57602

STET Total Passed in 2011 & 2019 – 60148

In secondary school, there are about five times more STET passes than vacancies.

STET pass are almost equal to the vacancies in Higher Secondary School.

Note- The number of trained teachers is also included in the total STET passed candidates.



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