For digital transformation in finance.. “Al-Awwal” wins the award for the best initiative


First Finance won the award for the best (new) digital transformation initiative in the field of financial finance for its mobile application “FFC Mobile App”, which was launched in 2022, during the Global Economics Awards Ceremony.
The Global Economics Awards are given in recognition of organizations and companies that are committed to providing the best work culture towards regional and global economies, so these awards are an affirmation of this commitment and transparency in providing services and support to clients.
These awards highlight the distinguished efforts of the best companies operating in various sectors with the aim of motivating them to move towards further development. They also honor the most prominent specialists around the world in several fields such as finance, insurance, real estate, technology, health care and many others.
Mr. Islah Assem, Chief Executive Officer of Al-Oula Finance, said: “We are very proud to be crowned with this prestigious award, and that our efforts have been crowned with such a global recognition, which highlights the innovative digital solutions we offer to our customers that keep pace with the massive technological revolution that the world is currently witnessing, which will make banking transactions more convenient. Ease and convenience for customers.
He added that our constant endeavor to provide the best digital services is an essential pillar at the core of our business in order to respond to the changing needs of our customers at an accelerated and continuous pace, so the FFC Mobile App came to save our customers the trouble of visiting any of the company’s branches, and instead, enables them to Complete their various transactions easily and conveniently while on the move.
First Finance Company’s mobile application “FFC Mobile App” won this award after its success in meeting the requirements and passing the strict evaluation criteria pursued by Global Economics magazine, including the user interface, the features and services it provides, ease of use, customer and user opinions, the purpose of the application, innovation, and design, as well as impact and safety standards.
From this standpoint, the mobile application for First Finance won this award due to the many services it provides via mobile phones that are smooth and secure and specially designed to meet the financing needs of customers.
The application provides customers and users with a variety of features and services, including the ability to create a user account and log in securely via one-time password (OTP) and biometric features. It also provides them with easy access to apply for financing, upload required documents, enter standing instruction information, and pay the cost of a focused inquiry report. Qatar Credit Information, review application details and follow up on updates.



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