ED will interrogate Praveen Chauhan in UP scholarship scam, evidence of forgery was found during the raid


Lucknow, ED has intensified the action of scholarship scam in UP. The ED is also preparing to interrogate Praveen Singh Chauhan, chairman of the SS Institute. Along with this, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) will issue a lookout circular against Hyjia Group Chairman Syed Ishrat Hussain Jafri alias Lucky Jafri. So that the exercise of finding him across the country can be started. The ED had raided the SS Institute two weeks ago. During the raid, ED had found hundreds of evidences regarding forgery done in the name of scholarship. ED has arrested Ali Abbas Jafri and Izhar Hussain Jafri and their employee Ravi Prakash Gupta and interrogated them. All three were arrested by the ED on 26 April.

Hundreds of evidence found regarding forgery

According to the information, ED raided 10 educational institutions in February to investigate the scholarship scam. In these, during the raids conducted in the educational institutions of the Hygia group, the ED has found evidence of ineligible students being shown on the admission papers and grabbing scholarships. Ineligible people from seven years to 45 years were made students of their educational institutions by the operators of Hygia. Bank accounts were also opened by showing their admission on paper. During the investigation, ED came to know about three thousand such bank accounts. In whose name the scholarship amount was released by the government. All the three accused arrested have been sent to jail.

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ED got two truck documents during the raid

According to the information, two weeks ago, the ED raided Bakshi Ka Talab SS Institute in Lucknow and OP Gupta Institute in Farurkhabad. During this, ED got two truck documents. There were also thousands of answer sheets in these. It was written on them in the same handwriting. ED is also probing this. In this case, Praveen Kumar Chauhan, chairman of SS Institute, has been called by the ED for questioning. In the same case, Lucky Jafri, the director of Hygia, is not joining the investigation even after repeatedly calling him for questioning.

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