Bihar: Mobile phone explodes while talking in Bihar Sharif, young man lost his eyesight


mobile blast: There has been an incident of mobile block in Nalanda district of Bihar. In this incident, the young man talking on the phone has lost his eyesight. It is being told that the incident is of Fullipar village of Karaiparsurai in Bihar Sharif. The injured youth has been identified as Ajit Kumar, 20-year-old son of Milghuman Ravidas. Ajit’s brother Ranjit Ravidas told that his brother did not use mobile much. At the time when the incident took place, a relative’s call was received. He was talking to her for about five minutes. Meanwhile, the mobile exploded with a loud sound. In this the light of his eyes went.

Ajit was lying on the ground

Injured Ajit’s brother Ranjit told that when the accident happened, all the people were present in the house. When everyone reached after hearing the loud sound of mobile explosion, they saw that Ajit was lying on the ground. He was badly injured and a torn mobile was also lying on the ground. Ajit was brought to the hospital with the help of nearby neighbors. Seeing his condition there, the doctors referred him for better treatment after first aid. Doctors at Sadar Hospital told after examination that Ajit’s eyesight was affected due to mobile explosion. The relatives told that Ajit is currently undergoing treatment.

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what is the reason for phone blast

The biggest reason for the explosion of the phone is the over charge of the mobile. The phone should never be kept in charge overnight or for longer than necessary. Along with this, if the phone’s battery gets damaged, get only the original battery installed, cheap battery also becomes the reason for the blast. Never keep the phone under the pillow while sleeping. The mobile gets heated due to pressure on the battery. Due to this also there can be problem of blast. If the mobile is getting hot while talking or charging, then immediately complain to the service center.



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