Aligarh: RTI activist writes to BJP MP, asks when Jinnah’s portrait will be removed from AMU


Aligarh : Politics has started again on the picture of Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) of Uttar Pradesh. Pandit Keshav Dev Gautam, National President of Anti-Corruption Army, has written a letter to Aligarh MP Satish Gautam, demanding removal of Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s picture from AMU. Pandit Keshav Dev has said that the MP should fulfill his promise, send Jinnah’s picture to Pakistan. However, BJP MP Satish Gautam has also written a letter to the Vice-Chancellor regarding the removal of Jinnah’s picture from AMU.

Had promised to send Jinnah’s picture to Pakistan

Actually, MP Satish Gautam was contesting the Lok Sabha elections for the second time in the year 2019. At that time the promise was made in a speech at a meeting in his Lok Sabha constituency Jattari. The statement given at that time was also in the headlines in the media. MP Satish Gautam had said that if he wins the election for the second time in 2019, then within two years he will remove the picture of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who divided the country, and send it to Pakistan. But Jinnah’s picture has not been removed yet.

Pandit Keshav Dev has sent a letter to the MP saying that it is to be brought to your notice that you have not yet fulfilled your promise. You have completed four years of becoming an MP for the second time. The fifth year of the MP is nearing its end for the second time. And also promised to implement reservation for 20% OBC community. But you haven’t fulfilled your promise yet. Pandit Keshav Dev said that our organization has demanded every year in relation to send the picture of Jinnah to Pakistan by correspondence.

BJP MP reminded of promise

Pandit Keshav Dev said that then we demand that within 15 days of receiving our letter, if the picture of Mohammad Ali Jinnah does not reach Pakistan from Aligarh Muslim University, then the anti-corruption army will protest against you at your office for violating the promise. Will be forced to

Pandit Keshav Dev is RTI activist

RTI activist Pandit Keshav Dev has contested the elections of Lok Sabha, Vidhansabha and this time as Member of Parliament. They increase the difficulties of the people through their RTI. The matter of seeking RTI regarding Aligarh’s Jama Masjid was in discussion. Pandit Keshav Dev had asked for information on which land the Jama Masjid was built. When was Jama Masjid built? Who owns the land on which Jama Masjid is built?

Who did RTI activist Keshav Dev confuse the Municipal Corporation by asking such questions? However, later a case was filed against Pandit Keshav Dev for obstructing government work. The same corresponded to the MP earlier also regarding the removal of Jinnah’s picture in Aligarh Muslim University, but only the MP’s assurance was received on that.

Report- Alok, Aligarh



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