World’s largest Shivling will be installed in Virat Ramayana temple, construction will start from June 20, know the specialty


The construction work of the Virat Ramayana temple being built in Bihar will start from June 20. Acharya Kishore Kunal, secretary of Mahavir Mandir Nyas, visited the construction site in East Champaran on Saturday. He was also accompanied by a team of engineers. Acharya Kishore Kunal held a meeting with East Champaran District Magistrate, Superintendent of Police and other administrative officials at the newly constructed office at the construction site at Kaithwalia.

Construction will start from June 20

During the meeting, the officials talked about all possible administrative cooperation in the construction. He told that all the preparations have been done before starting the construction work of the temple which is going to be built on a 125-acre campus. Seeing the auspicious coincidence of 20th June being the day of both Hanumanji and Lord Vishnu, the construction work of the temple has been ensured to start on the same day.

Shivling will be made by carving granite rock

The tallest spire of the 540 feet wide and 1080 feet long Virat Ramayana Temple will be of 270 feet. The world’s largest Shivling will also be installed in the temple. Whose height will be 33 feet, roundness 33 feet, weight will be 200 metric tons. Shivling and Sahasralingam are being constructed by carving a rock of black granite weighing 250 tonnes. At the same time, the number of temples in Virat Ramayana will be 16. The number of shikharas will be 12, the number of ashrams will be four and the number of gopurams will be one.

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specialty of the temple

World’s largest temple, height 270 feet, width 540 feet, length 1080 feet, area 108 acres

World’s largest Shivling – Height 33 feet, Roundness 33 feet, Weight 200 MT

Number of temples 16

peak number 12

Number of Ashrams 4

Number of Gopuram 1

Highest peak 270 feet

Four high peaks of 180 feet

height of a pinnacle is 135 feet

6 peak height 108 feet


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