Horrific road accident in Aurangabad, two youths killed, one injured in two bike collision


Two people were killed and a young man was seriously injured in a face-to-face collision between two bikes near Babaji’s hut at Shivganj path of Madanpur police station area of ​​Aurangabad. The deceased has been identified as Nitish Kumar, 21-year-old son of Pramod Lal, resident of Ratanpura village of Madanpur police station area and the injured has been identified as Neeraj Kumar, son of Sitaram Saav of the same village, while the other deceased has been identified as Rama Shankar, resident of Havaspur of Barun police station area. Has been done as Deepak Kumar, son of Chandravanshi.

face to face collision of two bikes

According to the information received, Nitish was going towards Shivganj by bike with his friend and Deepak was going from his village Havaspur to Chein village of Rafiganj police station area to attend the procession. Meanwhile, there was a face-to-face collision of both the bikes near Baba Ji Kutiya near Dihuli turn and all three were suffering on the road after getting injured. Only then, Nikhil Kumar Singh, a resident of Teldiha village, who was returning from a wedding ceremony, took everyone to Sadar Hospital for treatment with the help of the villagers. Where the doctors declared Deepak dead.

Referred to the injured

On the other hand, seeing the condition of Nitish and Neeraj as serious after first aid by the doctors, they were referred for better treatment. The family took Neeraj to Gaya to Magadh Medical Hospital and were going to Jamuhar with Nitish, but Nitish died on reaching Barun. After the incident, the police of Nagar police station conducted the post-mortem of the dead body and handed it over to the family members. After the incident, a mountain of sorrow has broken on the family members.

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chaos in the family

Here in connection with the incident, it was learned from the family members that the entire family including Deepak’s wife had gone to the marriage ceremony of his nephew in Asansol, West Bengal. But as soon as the relatives got the news of the death, the atmosphere of the wedding turned into mourning. The family hurriedly left for home from there. Deepak was married in the year 2018 in Chapra village of Obra police station area. Deepak has a 4 year old daughter and a two year old son. On the other hand, Deepak used to work as a laborer in road construction on the National Highway and used to take care of the family with that.


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