Bihar: Fierce fire broke out in the Mahavir temple complex in Bhagalpur, hundreds of flags and bamboos burnt to ashes


A sudden fire broke out on Saturday night in the Mahavir temple complex near Ghantaghatar under Tilkamanjhi police station area of ​​Bhagalpur. The fire engulfed hundreds of flags and bamboos kept in the Mahavir temple premises. The flames started rising far in the sky. Seeing the fire, an atmosphere of panic was created among the people around. At the same time, the team of the fire department reached with the fire engine and controlled the fire.

Hundreds of flags and bamboos kept in Mahavir Mandir premises near Bhagat Singh Chowk near Ghantaghar caught fire at 10.30 pm on Saturday night. Within no time, the bamboos kept in the premises were burnt to ashes. The flames were so strong and high that the fire could be seen from a long distance. Many temporary shops of fruits and tea snacks adjacent to the temple would have also come under the grip of fire, but they were saved narrowly. The garbage also caught fire behind the boundary wall of Sadar Hospital adjacent to the temple. Many people passing by also made a video of the incident.

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Eyewitnesses told that a major accident was averted. Although people were very sad due to the fire in the temple premises. After getting the information of the incident, a fire brigade vehicle reached. At the same time, the fire brigade controlled the fire. It is being told that the main reason for the fire could be a short circuit in the electric wire. There is an electric pole near where the fire broke out. However, some people demanded that the matter be investigated by the police. At the same time, it was said to search the nearby CCTVs.


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