Urs Tajushshariya begins from Parcham Kushai in Bareilly, Ulama from 8 countries including South Africa will participate


Bareilly. The Urs of Tajushshariya Mufti Muhammad Akhtar Raza Khan Qadri (Azhari Miyan) began on Friday in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, along with Parcham Kushai. Urs will be under the patronage of Qazi-e-Hindustan Mufti Muhammad Asjad Raza Khan Qadri. Salman Hasan Khan, Vice President of Jamaat Raza-e-Mustafa told that Namaz-e-Fazr is decorated with Quran Khwani, Naat-wa-Manqabat ki Mehfil. After Namaz-e-Asr, the ceremony of Parcham Kushai was performed.

Kul Sharif will be on May 27

It emanated from Milan Shaadi Hall, residence of Syed Kaifi, Parcham Shahbad, Mohammad Sajid, resident of Hari Masjid, Parcham Azamnagar, and third, Samran Khan, resident of Raza Chowk, Sailani. A large number of devotees participated in it. Presented all the three flags at Qazi-e-Hindustan Tajushshariya Dargah. On Friday night after Isha Namaz, Ulama will discuss the country’s situation, economic and educational conditions of Muslims. Kul Sharif will be on 27th May. In this, there will be blessings for the country’s progress and peace. Ulama and scholars from many countries including South Africa, Saudi Arabia have joined to participate in Urs.

One of the world’s 100 biggest personality

There are crores of followers of Tajush Sharia all over the world. Tajushshariya was included in the top 100 of the world. You were born on 26th Muharram 1362 Hijri on 2nd February 1943. Your great grandfather was Ala Hazrat. You obtained your degree in 1966 after studying at Jamia Al Azhar, the famous University of Egypt. Tajushsharia wrote books in Arabic, Urdu, English etc. languages ​​and you translated many books of Ala Hazrat into Arabic and took them to Arab countries. You wrote Naaton Manqabat in Arabic, Urdu languages.

spread the message around the world

Tajushshariya took the message of Masalke Ala Hazrat to countries like Arab, Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Canada etc. In his life, he traveled all over the country to serve the poor. You got Fakhre Azhar Award from Jamia Al Azhar.

Samajwadi Party opened a front for Azam Khan, in which the Legislature had gone, DM had filed an FIR under pressure

Saudi government called for Ghusl of Khan-e-Kaaba

The Government of Saudi Arabia had invited Tajush Sharia to perform Ghusl of Kaaba in Mecca Sharif. You went in the year 2009. You performed Hajj with Ghusl.

Millions of people gathered in Rukhsati from the world

Your Visal (death) took place on 7 Ziqada 1439 Hijri i.e. July 20, 2018. People from all over the world gathered in it. Hearing the news of death, there was an atmosphere of sorrow all over the world. Lakhs of devotees attended your funeral.

Report Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly


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