Jharkhand: Rain will reduce during monsoon, heat will increase again in these districts from tomorrow


The rains in many districts of Jharkhand including Ranchi for the last two days have given relief to the people. At the same time, people are also facing problems due to lightning and strong storm. The Meteorological Department has forecast less rain in Jharkhand during the monsoon. The Meteorological Department has predicted that most districts of Jharkhand may receive normal or slightly less rainfall during the monsoon. More than normal rainfall is expected in Kolhan and Santal. The state usually receives around 1100 mm of rainfall during monsoon. According to the department, there will be less rain than normal in June.

Winds blowing at a speed of 85 KMPH in Hazaribagh and Garhwa, heat will increase again from tomorrow

The people of Jharkhand are also getting relief from the heat since two-three days. A turf from Haryana is going towards Sikkim. Its effect is also on Jharkhand. On Friday, the wind blew at a speed of about 85 km per hour in Hazaribagh and Garhwa. Giridih received maximum rainfall of about 78 mm. Due to this, the maximum temperature of almost all the districts of the state has come down below 40 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature of the capital remained around 35 degree Celsius. Abhishek Anand, scientist in-charge of the Meteorological Center, said that on May 27, there may be light to moderate rains in the western and central parts of the state. The rise in temperature may start from May 28.

Five people died due to lightning, four injured

Five people died and four were injured due to lightning in different parts of the state on Friday afternoon. Sukra Asur, a resident of Amatipani near Chirodih Bauxite Mines of Bishunpur block, was talking on a mobile phone. During this, there was a thunderclap, due to which his mobile phone exploded. After this his body caught fire and he died. Ram Asura, who was standing next to him, also got hit by it. Workers working in Aman Bricks in Toto village of Gumla block were struck. In this, Ambwa resident Mokhtar Ansari (55 years) died and three people were injured. Shankar Singh (11 years old, father-Maharaj Singh) died due to lightning in Bankata village of East Singhbhum. On the other hand, Puran Mahato’s wife Shanti Devi (42 years) and her daughter Rinku Kumari (18 years) died due to lightning in Benhchia-Tilaiya village of Dhanbad.


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