Due to the power crisis in Jharkhand, the industry business collapsed, entrepreneurs are preparing to go to another state


Ranchi: The negative effect of power cuts in Jharkhand has started showing. Entrepreneurs say that now it is not possible to set up new plants or expand plants in Jharkhand. Electricity is very important for any industry. When electricity is not available on time, then how will the industry be run? For how many years will the industry run depending on the generator?

About 100 people get employment

SK Aggarwal, owner of Alcast, a company manufacturing defense equipment near BIT Mesra for almost 40 years, said that he never thought that he would have to see this day. Forced to expand the plant, UP has to be turned. Talks are going on in UP for this. Frequent power cuts in Jharkhand are affecting the quality of defense equipment.

Quality is important in the field of defence. The machine in the plant is computerised. Work is going on to take forward the defense sector. Export is also happening from here. On expanding the plant here, an investment of about Rs 20 crore would have been made and about 100 people could get employment. But, I don’t have a choice.

Jharkhand has to live due to power cut, barely 8 hours of supply from urban areas

Expansion is not possible in Jharkhand

Since 1999, Tajna River Industries is doing lacquer work in Khunti. Seedlac and other products are made from lacquer. Industries owner Arun Sharma said that once there is a power cut and there is no immediate power supply, an entire batch gets spoiled. About 800 kg of material is wasted in this. Talking about the loss, every time there is a loss of about Rs 2 to 2.5 lakh due to power cut. In the present situation it is not possible to expand the plant here. Now considering going to another place.


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