Cricketer Rinku Singh reached Aligarh, was welcomed in a normal way, gave autographs to fans


Aligarh: Rinku Singh returned to Aligarh on Friday after performing well in the IPL. His fans had made complete preparations to welcome him. But he refused. Returned to his city in a very normal way and spent time with the family. At the same time, Mahua also went to the stadium built in Kheda for some time. Where photographed with young players and fans. During this, he also inspected the hostel being built for the players in Mahua Kheda.

Rinku Singh distanced himself from the media

On reaching Aligarh, distance has been maintained from the media. On reaching Aligarh, preparations were made to welcome him by his fans. But refused for this also. Rinku is currently spending time with his family, when Mahua went to the ground at Kheda for some time, the players started gathering. When the young players started taking selfies with him, the autograph of Rinku Singh was also taken by the young players on the same bat. Rinku Singh also started his workout in the field. After doing body stretching, catch practice etc. Mahua went to see the sports hostel located at Kheda. Very happy to see the hostel and after that went home.

IPL game Rinku Singh returned to Aligarh

After returning from playing IPL, Rinku is spending time with his family. After spending a week, he will return to practice. Although Rinku Singh reached the Mahua Kheda cricket ground and told the players the tricks of batting and when he played with the young players, the ball was seen floating in the air.

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Rinku Singh is making hostel in Aligarh Mahua Kheda

Rinku Singh has touched the heights of cricket in the midst of financial crisis. His father Khanchand is a hawker in Govila Gas Agency. For the first time when he reached the stadium to play in a school tournament, he did not even have a cricket kit. At the same time, Rinku Singh is building a hostel near the Mahua Kheda cricket ground with his own money. Although this land belongs to the academy and Rinku Singh is building hostels for the players with his own money.

Report: Alok, Aligarh



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