These are the disadvantages of being Crorepati’s wife, you will be surprised to see Viral Video


Disadvantages of becoming a millionaires wife: There is a woman in this world who is unhappy with her millionaire husband. She feels that she has lost a lot by marrying a millionaire. His hobbies are not being fulfilled. It may be a bit strange to hear, but it is completely true. Actually the story of a woman has come to the fore. In which she told that even though there is no shortage of money in her life, but still she is not happy with her husband.

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A post shared by Linda Andrade (@lionlindaa)’s know about this woman

Here we are talking about Linda Andrade who, while sharing her story on Tiktok, told such things about which people were surprised to know. Jordan-born Linda was married to famous crypto trader Ricky Andrade at the age of just 19. Since then he is living a life of luxury.

Linda Andrade by sharing the video

While sharing the video, Linda told that my husband fulfills all my wishes but now I am badly troubled by this life. The first problem is that lakhs of rupees are spent only on shiny Cartier, Van Cleef jewelery and designer bags. Apart from this, we always have to be prepared and the third problem is that we are always on travel. Along with this, danger hovers over you all the time. That’s why it is very important for you to stay within the security circle.

Learn about Linda Andrade

Let us tell you that Linda Andrade herself is also a successful business woman. He has many companies. He also has 528 thousand followers and 19 million likes on Tiktok. She also supports her husband’s business.


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