Qatar News Agency.. 48 years of giving and media excellence


Yesterday, Qatar News Agency (QNA) celebrates the forty-eighth anniversary of its founding, as it was established on the twenty-fifth of May, pursuant to Emiri Decree No. 94 of 1975 AD, and since that day, the agency, which has come to be symbolized by “Qena”, has been moving forward with firm feet, studied steps and methods. It is modern on the path of media professionalism, keeping abreast of the latest developments in digital media in order to deliver honest, distinguished and comprehensive news to the recipient within a short period and as soon as possible, until it has become one of the most prominent and powerful Arab and international news agencies.
His Excellency Mr. Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Rumaihi, Director General of Qatar News Agency (QNA), said on this occasion that the agency celebrates its forty-eighth anniversary and is more keen, determined and determined to move forward on the path of excellence, achievement and excellence, and to lead the Qatari media scene with word, sound and image in a sincere effort that stands Behind him are loyal cadres, productive competencies, and generous benevolent efforts.
His Excellency the Director General of Qatar News Agency affirmed that the march full of bright stations and the prestigious position that Qatar News Agency has reached would not have been possible without the unlimited support it received and other Qatari media institutions, from His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, And his wise government, as well as the climate of media freedom in which the State of Qatar is living, as well as the hard and sincere work carried out by the agency’s cadres in their various tasks and ranks, and their keenness on the permanent development of QNA’s services and its various departments and providing them with the latest means of communication and communication technology, in addition to the permanent and continuous training of the team. Work, so that its outputs and bids are distinguished by professionalism and craftsmanship, so that the Qatar News Agency remains a distinguished and advanced media address that carries the name of the homeland to all horizons and platforms.
On the latest developments in the continuous development process of the Qatar News Agency, His Excellency said that it launched, last March, the simultaneous translation service for its news in 26 international languages, in addition to the Arabic language, in implementation of its plan based on expanding the provision of its news services to include many languages ​​of the world.
During the past few years, the agency has made advanced shifts and transformations on the road to development, as it launched its website in its new look, and kept pace with recent transformations in the field of communication and artificial intelligence.


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