new building of hotel ratna vihar to be built in dhanbad with 1484 crores proposal approved unk


The hotel built on 75 Katha is getting ruined

On the State Highway on the Govidanpur-Station Road, near the Dhanbad police station, the tourism department has a large plot of 75 katthas. Hotel Ratna Vihar was built in this during undivided Bihar. Also a market complex. There is also a staff and officers’ quarter next to the hotel. But, due to lack of maintenance, the hotel and quarters are becoming ruins. The hotel is in two parts here. The tourism department is preparing to build a Three Star Hotel here. DC has tweeted that the new hotel will be equipped at a cost of Rs 14.84 crore. The state government has given its approval. Its construction will be done by the State Building Construction Department. Jharkhand CMO and Visit Jharkhand have also been tagged in the tweet.


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