my mati golden age point basair is the symbol of brother sister love in ranchi unk


Dr. Mohammad Zakir

My Mati: Six brothers and one sister lived together in Nauz village. The names of the brothers were Shobhnath, Meghnath, Budhnath, Vidyanath, Sukhnath and Chhota’s name was Saninath. Saninath was crippled with one eye, he could not see.. All five brothers used to torture him. Sister’s name was Bindi. Brother used to do root and hunting, sister used to do housework. One day all the brothers go to the forest in search of prey. Bindu’s finger gets cut while cutting raw vegetables at home. Bindi faints. Blood gets mixed in the whole greens. When she regains consciousness, she ties her finger with a cloth. Instead of throwing away that raw greens, she makes it a vegetable. When all the brothers reach home, they eat the cooked vegetable.


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