Jharkhand Weather LIVE: Weather changed in Jharkhand, people got relief from heat


Scene of devastation after strong storm in various areas of Hazaribagh city

There has been a huge loss of life and property in Hazaribagh district due to strong storm and rain for half an hour. Ten-year-old Simran Kumari of Alaunjakhurd village of Ichak block died after the wall of her house collapsed. Three cattle died due to falling of Thanka near Sindoor Shiv Temple in the city. More than 100 trees fell on the city and surrounding roads. Dozens of electric poles and wires have fallen down. The cork seats of many factories, including the Hemkunth Rice Mill, have been damaged in the storm. Poultry farm, gumti, hotel building and wall have been damaged by the strong wind. Electricity, internet broadband and drinking water supply have come to a complete standstill. Many blocks including the city have been blacked out. Deputy Commissioner Nancy Sahay has directed the officials of Electricity Department, Municipal Corporation, Forest Department and Drinking Water Sanitation Department to work together.

Weather changed in Jharkhand, people got relief from heat

In many districts of Jharkhand, on Thursday evening, the weather suddenly changed and it rained heavily in the area with thunder. Due to the rains, people got relief to a great extent from the scorching heat for the last few days. Earlier in the day it was very hot. Before the rains, the power supply of Palojori also stopped around 4 pm. Due to this people also had to face trouble.


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