Jharkhand: Fire caused by explosion in mobile phone took Sukra Asur’s life, farmer died due to lightning


in Gumla district of Jharkhand Thunderclap Sukra Asur died of burns after the explosion in his mobile phone. The case is of Bishunpur block. There was a thunderclap in the Chirodih bauxite mines of the block. At that time Sukra Asura was talking on the phone. As soon as the thunder struck, Sukra’s mobile exploded and he got badly burnt and died. Ram Asura was also badly injured. He was brought to Community Health Center Bishunpur. After first aid, he was referred to Sadar Hospital Gumla.

Sukra Asura burnt due to explosion in mobile

reported that in the afternoon Thunderstorm It was raining heavily along with. The electricity was also crackling. Then there was an explosion in the mobile phone of Sukra Asur, a resident of Amatipani, Mines. Sukra Asura’s body caught fire and he died on the spot. While Ram Asura standing next to him was also seriously injured.

Lightning struck laborers in Gumla, one dead, 3 injured

On Friday evening, a laborer died after lightning struck the laborers working in Aman Bricks located in Toto village of Gumla block. Three laborers have been injured. The deceased is Mokhtar Ansari (55), a resident of Bada Ambwa. The injured include Nazim Miyan (40), his son Shahid Ansari (18) and Anwar Miyan (60), a resident of Basuwa village. The injured are being treated at Gumla Sadar Hospital.

Weather Alert: Scorching heat in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, rain-thunderstorm alert in these 11 districts including Gumla, Khunti

A house burnt due to lightning in Bharno, cattle died

According to the information, after heavy rain and thunder in the evening, the four laborers went and sat in a room of Aman Bricks. Then lightning struck the room itself. Due to this all four laborers got injured. Immediately the laborers were brought to Gumla Sadar Hospital. Mokhtar died during treatment. Please inform here that there has been torrential rain in Gumla on Friday evening. There has also been thunderclap at many places. A house was also burnt in Bharno. A cattle has died.

One died due to lightning in Gumla’s Sisai, farmers should not do this work even by mistake at the time of thunder t)gumla weather today


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