Illegal ban on The Kerala Story continues in Tamil Nadu-West Bengal despite SC verdict, Vipul Shah reveals


The Kerala Story has crossed the 250 mark at the ticket window. Recently, the Supreme Court has lifted the ban on the film by the Tamil Nadu and West Bengal governments, but Vipul Shah, the producer of the film, says that the illegal ban is still continuing in both these states. Excerpts from the conversation with Urmila Kori.

Recently the Supreme Court has restored the release of the film in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, after that what response is the film getting?

Theater owners are being intimidated in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal despite the Supreme Court’s order. Being threatened that your license will not be renewed. If goons come and break your theatre, we will save you, otherwise this type of illegal ban is still going on in both the states. The people who cry for democracy are promoting this illegal ban and are not even following the orders of the Supreme Court, so the people of these two states have to decide whether they will elect such politicians for their daughters. is against. We did whatever we had to within the purview of the law to show our film to the audience there. We have done everything. Now everything depends on the audience there that how they can force the government there to show this film.

The film has earned 250 crores. What is your take on this success?

There are two dimensions of success. One is the financial number, which does not matter for this film, but the awareness that spread in the country about this film. There was a lot of discussion on this topic. The connection of people. That is the biggest success for me. For this, we have worked very hard and people have also supported a lot.

Looking back, what was the most difficult part of the film journey?

The journey of the film was very difficult. We were not allowed to shoot in Kerala. We have shot the scenes there by sending guerrilla units. There were many problems from the shooting till the release of the film. We have made this film considering it as a duty. It is our responsibility towards the nation and the society to present this film in a bold manner with complete truth. That is what we have done. It took a long time of three and a half years to make this film.

The film is not untouched by controversy even with its success. This film is harming the secular fabric of the society, is this also a common discussion?

After the release of Kerala Story, people who are telling this film to destroy the secular fabric of the society. I want to ask only one question to them that if there is any evil in a society, then it should be exposed and eradicated from the root or not. Should we let the lives of girls be ruined in the name of secularism? Sati system and child marriage were there in Hindu society, were they not abolished? The society can become secular in true sense only by bringing the evils of the society to the fore and eliminating them. We every society should come out from the nonsense of secularism and accept our evil and honestly only then we can promote secularism in true sense. Those who do not want to accept the truth, they give it the name of propaganda.

After the release of the film, there have been incidents of violence in many places, Akola of Maharashtra is an example of this?

First of all, it should not be divided into Hindu and Muslim. There are some people who are with the terrorists. They think it’s too easy. Do some riot. If there is a fight, then the police and the administration will ban the film. The film will not be able to reach the common people and they will be successful in their mission. No one should die. There should be no violence. We are very sorry for this. We will appeal to everyone, do not encourage any kind of violence. You can discuss in democracy. Being different from someone’s opinion, you can keep your side on it with an open mind. If I attack you after being hurt by any of your words or work, then where will democracy remain? This also applies to those who committed violence in Akola. Democracy cannot do any good by this.

What is your take on the comparison of your film with The Kashmir Files?

Kashmir Files has been a great film in its place and it is a great film in its place. It’s easiest for people to compare. To simplify things, they start making comparisons. We have no problem, but we have made very different films. I think till date no film has been made, exposing the terrorist network in this way. When we have exposed such a new subject in front of people, then it is not right to compare it.


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