Child’s mother got married to rob in Varanasi, police filed case against 10 including three constables


Varanasi. Big news is coming out from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Where the police have registered a case against 10 including three constables. Along with this, the police have suspended three constables and sent them to jail. This whole case is related to attempt of illegal recovery and fraud. According to Additional CP Santosh Singh, the role of the three constables had come to the fore. The case has been registered on the basis of Tahrir of Rajasthan resident Venkateshwar Tiwari. According to the information, two constables who went to jail are from Sarnath police station and one from Cantt police station. Venkateshwar, a resident of Rajasthan, has alleged that he was called to Varanasi on the pretext of getting him married. After this, illegal recovery was tried with looting. Police has started investigation by registering a case against 10 including three constables.

Married to the mother of a five-year-old child

According to information, Venkateswara had reached Varanasi to get married through broker Vijay Jain. After this, registration was done in the court to marry an unmarried woman. But the woman who was to be married was the mother of a five-year-old child. which was hidden. In this whole process there was a connivance of the broker and the three constables. After the marriage, when the bride was being taken away, the car was stopped by the police on the way. It was alleged that the girl was being abducted without her consent. The girl also said yes to the constable’s yes. He testified that he was being taken forcibly. After this the constable parked the car and started dealing with the transaction. During this, a demand of two lakh rupees was made from Venkateshwar, a resident of Rajasthan.

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The involvement of three constables came to the fore

The victim realized the fraud in the name of marriage. After this he conveyed this information to the police. When the police investigated the matter, it was found that the girl had agreed to marry only with the intention of cheating. After farewell, there was a plan to become a robber bride in Rajasthan. In the investigation, the involvement of three constables of the police department has come to the fore. All three have been arrested and sent to jail. The girl was told to testify against the Rajasthan resident. The broker had connivance with the three constables to make them victims of fraud.


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