Bihar: ‘My daughter was not mad, Judge Saheb..’ Father gets Lilavati suicide case re-opened after 2 years


Bihar News: In the suicide case of a woman fed up with the torture of family members in Gopalganj, the court of in-charge CJM Manvendra Mishra has ordered the police to re-open the case and re-investigate it. The court has called for the report after additional investigation under section 173(8) of CrPC. The court has also raised questions on the police investigation.

Our daughter was not mad…said the father

Bhagwan Pandey, the father of the dead woman, who reached the court, said that our daughter was not insane. If she was insane, then the police should tell where she was treated. Our daughter was constantly tortured and beaten up. She endured. never opened his mouth. Sometimes for dowry, sometimes for not having a child, she was beaten tightly. A few days after the incident of death was registered, the policemen who came to investigate the incident took away the signatures on four-five plain papers and finalized the case without informing me. There is a serious question on the police investigation. Justice is expected from the court itself. On the appeal of the father of the deceased, the court has directed the SP to re-open the case and conduct a fair investigation in the entire matter.

The police had closed the case by misrepresenting the facts

The then SDPO Sanjeev Kumar, under his supervision, termed the woman as mentally ill and gave a clean chit to the accused, stating ‘mistake of fact’. As per the instructions of the SDPO, the Manjha police made the agreement with the informer of the incident the basis. Giving clean chit to the accused, the police gave the final report in the court. When the matter came before the court, taking it seriously, questions were also raised on the investigation of the police. The court had called the father of the deceased to present his case.

Lilavati’s body was found hanging from the fan

Please inform that Lilavati, daughter of Bhagwan Pandey of Dharmaparsa village of Manjha police station, was married to Munna Tiwari on July 7, 2005 in Sheikh Parsa village of Manjha police station area. After marriage, she was not having a child. It is alleged that for this he was constantly harassed by the in-laws.

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Brutally beaten, then found dead body hanging from the fan

On September 3, 2021, he was told about his brutal beating. Lilavati’s brother Pappu Pandey, who reached on receiving the information about the beating, got her treated. On the other hand, on September 6, information was received from the neighbors that Lilavati had committed suicide. The body was taken out after breaking open the room and Lilavati Devi’s husband, mother-in-law, maternal uncle of the boy were named as accused.

Further action will be taken only on the orders of the court: SP

Police Captain Swarna Prabhat told that now further action will be taken only on the orders of the court. An order comes from the court that the culprits will be punished after the investigation of the whole matter.

Published By: Thakur Shaktilochan


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