Resolved to plant saplings on the 80th foundation day of IPTA


Association of painters in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi IPTA’s 80th Foundation Day Celebrated. Executive President of Jharkhand IPTA Shyamal Mallik celebrated the foundation day of IPTA at his residence on Thursday (25 May 2023) with all the artists, students and well wishers of Ranchi IPTA. On this occasion, he appealed to everyone to plant at least one tree. He told that IPTA was established on 25 May 1943.

IPTA played an important role in the freedom movement

Mr. Mallick said that this organization has created awareness through drama, songs and music. independence movement Played an important role in Today, in view of the growing concern of global warming, IPTA has taken a pledge that every person must plant a tree in every house. Shyamal Mallick appealed to everyone to plant at least one shady plant in their home or neighborhood in a week (from May 25 to June 1, the foundation day of IPTA) and take care of it continuously.

Tree plantation is the need of the hour in the era of global warming: Shyamal Mallick

Shyamal Mallick said that this is the need of the hour in view of the global warming situation. It is our duty to return nature to its old heritage, because if nature is there then we are. If there is a human, then there is a culture. IPTA Secretary Sumedha Mallick sang the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab…’ on the occasion. He also addressed after presenting the song. He said that tree plantation is necessary. Take all the resolutions and start it from today itself.

pledge to plant

IPTA Vice President Parvez Qureshi said that at present, due to the apartment concept, the environment is being harmed the most. There is a need to pay attention to this and save the environment. On this occasion, senior artists Pratap Mallik, Pradeep Tarfdar alias Sampa, Sumitra Tarfdar, Ramesh, Srijit Mallik, Alisha Ghosh, Kanak, Apoorva, Shaurya, Arya, Priya and many other artists and students were present. Everyone took a pledge to plant trees.

Jharkhand: IPTA’s 15th National Conference in Palamu from tomorrow, a team of 10 people from Ranchi will go to Medininagar ipta foundation day


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