PPU: The one who got the place, sat there to give the exam, the examinees sitting on the ground are giving the graduation exam


Patliputra University’s graduation part two subsidiary paper and PG semester exams are going on. During the examination at Ramakrishna Dwarka College on Wednesday, the candidates were seen sitting on the verandah, ground and stairs as well as sitting wherever they got a place.

Some examinees were writing answers while standing, while some were sitting on tables and chairs and giving exams as if a feast was going on. Many examinees were sitting cross-legged on the ground in the sun with bare bodies as if they had reached a marriage party and had removed their shirt and bald head due to the heat.

In the examination, the examinees were somehow peeping at each other on the table chair and by opening the guess paper, they were writing the answers to the questions.

According to the information, the center for the students of College of Commerce was given in Ram Krishna Dwarka College. But due to lack of space in the college, he had to give the exam in this way.

College Principal Prof. Arvind Kumar says in this regard that the PPU administration was told that construction work is going on in the college. In such a situation, a center for fewer students should be given here.

Even after being told about the construction by the college, the university made the center of more than 3000 students in the college. Because of this, the exam had to be taken on the table chair.

A few days ago, Chancellor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar came to PPU’s College of Commerce to see the evaluation of copies.

PPU’s Controller of Examinations Dr. Mahesh Mandal said that the date of the examination was already fixed, there could be no sudden change of center.


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