Facebook Wala Love: Jharkhand’s youth fell in love with a woman working in America, know why she hanged herself


A young man from Jamadoba Dumri, located in Jharia of Dhanbad district of Jharkhand, fell in love with a woman from Hyderabad working in America. The dead body of Jagbir Singh alias Kudu (32) of Jamdoba Dumri number four was found hanging from the ceiling fan in his house. It is being told that he committed suicide in his house. The police is investigating the matter.

Jagbir Singh’s body was found hanging from the fan

Jorapokhar police said on Thursday that Jagbir Singh committed suicide by hanging himself with the help of a fan in his house on Wednesday night. On Thursday, the dead body was handed over to the relatives after the post-mortem. Police has seized the mobile of the deceased.

youth commits suicide by coming on facebook live

It is being told that the young man hanged himself by showing his girlfriend the complete live details of the hanging. The sister of the deceased told the police that her brother had a girlfriend in America. She is a resident of Hyderabad. The love of both was going on on Facebook for three years.

Woman was pressurizing to marry

During the Corona period, women used to send money to the unemployed Jagbir. The woman said that he should leave his wife and marry her. But when Jagbir’s wife Manpreet Kaur came to know about this, a quarrel started between the two. Due to this, he was living in a lot of depression. Manpreet Kaur, wife of the deceased, was at her maternal home in Jamshedpur on the day of the incident. Jamadoba has returned after getting the information. He also has a one year old son Zorawar Singh.

Girlfriend from America gave information to Jamadoba’s youth

It is said that on Wednesday night at 12:30 a young man from Jamadoba, who knew Jagbir, was called by his girlfriend and told that Jagbir Singh was committing suicide by hanging himself, go and save him. After the information, the said youth hurriedly reached Jagbir’s house, but by then he had lost his life. The same young man made noise and informed everyone. Then the police was informed. The deceased has three sisters.

Gumla’s girl fell in love with Hazaribagh’s youth on Facebook, this happened

what do the police officers say

Jorapokhar police station in-charge Vinod Oraon told that the mobile of the deceased has been seized. A female friend’s phone number has been found in it. The number of the woman will be checked. Legal action will be taken if found guilty.

Facebook Love Love happened on Facebook, the matter reached to marriage, then what happened that the lover shot the girlfriend


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