The then BPM of Dagrua block of Purnia was dismissed, the matter is related to the supply of goats


Sumit Kumar, the then block project manager of Dagrua block of Jeevika Purnia, has been dismissed in other cases including financial irregularities. Rahul Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of Jeevika has taken this action. Sumit was currently posted in Gaya district. When an embezzlement case came to light, he was transferred to Dumariya in Gaya.

Allegations of supply of goats from local vendor

Sumit is accused of wrongly supplying goats from a local vendor. While Jeevika didis had to buy goats by themselves. He is accused of wrongly withdrawing Rs 39 lakh 35 thousand from the bank, which caused financial loss to the groups.

Information about the case on being asked for clarification

It has been told in the investigation report that Sumit Kumar refused to recognize the vendor from whom the goat was supplied named Hiralal. Whereas, both knew each other. Sumit has said in his defense that he was not aware of the financial irregularities of 46 lakh 57 thousand, when he was asked for an explanation, he came to know about it.

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Gaya’s Dumaria block was transferred

When the matter came to light, Sumit tried to blame Livestock’s manager Rajesh Kumar. Sumit was transferred to Dumaria block of Gaya. Earlier in the year 2018, action was recommended against Sumit in the case of embezzlement of Rs.



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