Police Inspector said.. " Your parents are not worried, we are the police, we want you to be safe.."


Lucknow. “…your parents are not worried about you, but we are worried about you. We are policemen, we want you to be safe. So, this vehicle will be impounded…” Gautampalli Inspector Sudhir of Lucknow Kumar confiscated the motorcycle of a blogger-You Tuber after he was seen performing stunts for Instagram reels. The manner in which Inspector Sudhir Kumar is explaining the stunt to the blogger is not only being appreciated, but he is also opening the eyes of all those parents who are not even caring for the lives of their children.Goutampalli K The example set by Inspector Sudhir Kumar of friendly police is being liked a lot on social media. The video of the blogger and his conversation is going viral.

Inspector was appreciated by more than one lakh people

Alam Pasha (@alam_pasha1) writes that the intention of the police is commendable. Big concern! But, don’t penalize him with a heavy monetary cost. Sometimes that cost is not properly utilized for such good causes. Whereas S Shukla (@ss_in91) has commented that such an accident has happened recently, which is controversial, prima facie it has been found to be overspeeding. Don’t do such dangerous things to get fame in social media. If you yourself will not remain alive and safe, then what is the value of social media. He writes demanding strict action against the stunters..Take strict action. The work of Gautampalli Inspector Sudhir Kumar has been appreciated by more than one lakh people.

#WATCH , Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | The motorcycle of a Blogger/YouTuber was impounded in Gautampalli area yesterday after he was seen performing stunts for Instagram reels. Gautampalli Inspector Sudhir Kumar told him, "…Your parents may not be worried for you but we Police… pic.twitter.com/bG8IJozNos

— ANI UP/Uttarakhand (@ANINewsUP) May 24, 2023 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

Every year more than 80 thousand are dying due to leg over speed

Two wheeler drivers account for the maximum number of deaths in road accidents in the country. In this too, most of the deaths are happening to those people who drive their two-wheeler with over or negligent speed. Stunters also put their lives in danger not only of themselves but also of others by driving their two-wheelers carelessly and over speeding. According to the report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), more than 87000 people die in road accidents every year. CRB reports show that 87,050 people died in 2021 due to overspending. 42,853 people died due to negligent driving. A total of 1,55,622 people died in road accidents.


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