Jamshedpur’s daughter Asmita Dorjee conquers Everest, increases pride of Jharkhand


Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) Senior Instructor Asmita Dorjee has conquered Everest (29,002 feet) on Tuesday, writing a new chapter. Asmita Dorjee Conquered Everest with his Sherpa Lakhpanuru at 8.20 am on Tuesday morning. He reached the summit of Everest and hoisted the flag of the Indian tricolor and Tata Steel.

Everest climbing started from 14 April

Asmita had reached Kathmandu from Delhi on 6th April. Then from there on 14th April started the difficult journey of Everest. After reaching the base camp, he completed the rotation process. After this, on May 18, she left for Camp-3. On May 22, he started climbing Everest from Camp-4 at around ten o’clock in the night and successfully completed his journey at eight o’clock in the morning. Last year, Asmita went on Everest expedition without oxygen supplement, but just 100 meters before, she fainted and fell down.

Shashi Shekhar, son of Gomia MLA Lambodar Mahato, reached Everest’s balcony

Shashi Shekhar, son of Gomia MLA Lambodar Mahato, has completed the journey till the balcony located at 8430 meters (26,657 feet) in Mount Everest. Due to inclement weather and short weather window and increasing traffic and health concerns, he had to take the difficult decision of turning back just before the last leg of the summit.

He had completed the journey up to 8430 meters (26,657 feet), after which he had to travel only to the South Summit, Hillary Step and the summit. Shashi Shekhar became the seventh climber from Jharkhand to attempt the Everest summit above 8000 meters and the eighth climber from Jharkhand to climb above 8000 meters.

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