IDI’s big action in cattle smuggling case, property worth crores of Anubrata Mandal, daughter and late wife attached


Birbhum, Mukesh Tiwari: Trinamool Congress’s Birbhum District President Anubrata Mandal’s difficulties are not reducing in the case of cattle smuggling. Now, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has attached movable and immovable properties worth around Rs 11 crore of Anubrata Mandal, his daughter Sukanya Mandal and late wife Chhavi. Along with this, about 25 of his bank accounts have also been frozen. Both Anubrata and Sukanya have been arrested by ED and both are currently lodged in judicial custody in Tihar Jail, New Delhi.

According to sources, Idi has Freeze 25 bank accounts These include personal bank accounts of Mandal and his family members, as well as accounts of companies like ANM Agrochem Foods Pvt Ltd and Neer Developer Pvt Ltd, in which Sukanya Mandal is a director. This is the second time that the ED has frozen the bank accounts of Mandal and his family members and attached their properties.

Earlier, the Central Investigation Agency had attached properties worth about Rs 17 crore belonging to Anubrata Mandal, his family and his companies. In this way, ED has attached assets worth about Rs 28 crore in two phases. If sources are to be believed, this topic also remains a matter of investigation as to where the funds for legal expenses are coming from, despite the attachment of properties of Anubrata and his family members and blocking the supply of funds?

It is being told that ED officials are trying to identify those means of fund supply. Significantly, apart from ED, CBI has also mentioned the properties of Anubrata and his family members in the court. If we look at the fourth supplementary charge sheet presented by the CBI in this case of cattle smuggling, the central agency has claimed that the main accused in the cattle smuggling case, Enamul Haque, was in close contact with Anubrata Mandal and Mandal’s former bodyguard Saigal Hussain. There was a direct connection.

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More than 50 different immovable properties are mentioned in the charge sheet. Anubrata has been made the main named accused in the case. If sources are to be believed, the 35-page charge sheet mentions 53 different properties in Anubrata’s name. Along with this, fixed deposits (FDs) of 18 crores and 25 benami properties are also mentioned.


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