Electricity department imposed fine in the name of urbanization in Ballia, now the victims will approach the consumer forum


Baliya. A big feat of the Electricity Department has come to the fore in UP’s Ballia. Hanumanganj resident Hira Lal Verma is collecting electricity bill every month. Even after this, his electric wire was cut by JE Praveen Yadav. After this, when the women present at the house asked the electricity department employees the reason, they were threatened to file an FIR. After this, a fine of Rs 10,000 was imposed. The women present at home informed about this whole act of JE to Satis Verma, the son of a consumer posted in the army. After this, when Satis Verma started calling on the phone of the responsible officers and asking the reason, the electric wire was connected in a hurry in the late evening. The electricity consumer has complained about this matter to the Superintending Engineer. Taking cognizance of the matter, the Superintending Engineer has directed the SDO to investigate.

SDO threatens to file a defamation case against the consumer

The consumer has alleged that on the request of the Superintending Engineer, when we went to the SDO, instead of resolving the matter, he started threatening us. It was told by the SDO to file a defamation case. The victim alleges that the hearing of the case is not being done properly. From this table to that table is just being run by the officer of the Electricity Department. But the responsible officers sitting on any table are not solving the problem.


Now the victims will knock on the door of consumer forum

After the matter is not heard in the Electricity Department, now the consumer Heera Lal Verma will knock on the door of the consumer forum. He says that the electricity department has arbitrarily imposed a fine of Rs 10,000. Which I have been depositing electricity bill regularly. After depositing the electricity bill, JE has updated my bill twice in a week, which has been increased from zero to Rs 10,000. The electricity consumer told that he will complain in the consumer forum for proper justice.

In Ballia, JE fined the rural connection as urban, cut the electric wire threatening FIR

The President of UP State Electricity Consumer Council said-

President of UP State Electricity Consumer Council Awadhesh Kumar Verma said that it is wrong if the electricity wire has been disconnected on the basis of power supply from rural feeder or urban feeder. If the electricity bill is not outstanding, even after that JE has disconnected the electricity wire and imposed fine, then they have done wrong. If electricity bill is being sent from rural feeder or on the basis of urban feeder, then there is no fault of the consumer in this. The concerned officer is responsible for this. If such a case comes to my notice, a fight will be fought in the interest of the consumer and action will be taken against the guilty officer after investigation.


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