Water crisis will be solved in these three blocks of Bokaro, today MLA Jamangal Singh will lay the foundation stone


Bermo, Jaridih and Chandrapura block areas of Bermo assembly constituency will get gift of water supply schemes worth about Rs 136 crore on Tuesday. The foundation stone of these schemes of Drinking Water and Sanitation Department, Government of Jharkhand will be laid by Bermo MLA Kumar Jaimangal Singh.

Under the entire Jaridih block water supply scheme of Rs 84.32 crore, 10 thousand 605 houses in 32 villages of Araju, Alardih, Gangjori, Gaichhanda, Chilgadda, Bhaski, Baru Beldih and Baradih panchayats have to be supplied water from Damodar river. This scheme has to be completed in two years. Under this, the work of intake well, WTP, pump house, pipeline has to be done.

The cost of Chandrapura Block Rural Water Supply Scheme Part One and Part Two is Rs 43.81 crore. The work of this scheme is also to be completed in two years. In Part One, water supply is to be provided to 5343 houses in 11 villages of Dugda West, Dugda North, Dugda South, Dugda East, Karmatand, Sijua and Kurumba panchayats. In Part Two, water supply has to be ensured in 3105 houses of nine villages of Ghatiyari, Turio, Tarmi Panchayats besides Rangamati West, East, South.

On the other hand, under the Jaridih Bazar Renovation Water Supply Scheme under Bermo block, water supply is to be provided to 2347 houses in 24 wards of Jaridih East and Jaridih West Panchayats. The cost of this scheme is Rs 8.67 crore and the completion period is 18 months. Under this scheme, the water supply scheme made earlier in the western panchayat located in Jaridih market will be completely renovated. Under this, apart from repairing the old tank, a new tank will be constructed in Jaridih Bazar main market.

Apart from this, a water treatment plant will be built. Also, a new intake well will be constructed in place of the dilapidated old intake well built on the river bank. At the same time, a new pipeline will be laid in place of the damaged and dilapidated pipe. It may be known that in the past, Megha water supply scheme was made for 19 Panchayats of Bermo from Tenughat Dam, in which both the said Panchayats of Jaridih Bazar were separated. The people here had demanded from the Bermo MLA to connect the above two Panchayats with the Bermo Multi Rural Water Supply Scheme.

Junior Engineer Suresh Tigga says that because:

The water supply scheme was already showing in the Jaridih market, so instead of connecting the above two panchayats with the Bermo Multi Rural Water Supply Scheme, the scheme was approved separately. This scheme will also be called Megha Water Supply Scheme. It may be known that a year and a half ago, apart from Superintendent Engineer Riyaz Ahmed of DWUSD Dhanbad, Executive Engineer Sanjay Prasad, SDO of the department Abike Ambala and Mechanical Officer Shubhashish Bhattacharya had inspected the old water supply scheme of Jaridih Bazar.


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