The Qatar Stock Exchange index rises 14.82 points in the beginning of today’s trading


The Qatar Stock Exchange index rose at the beginning of today’s trading by 14.82 points, or by 0.14%, and thus reached the level of 10.652 points, compared to the end of trading on Monday.
This rise recorded by the Qatar Stock Exchange comes as a result of the rise in the various sectors that make up the general index, especially the insurance sector, which rose by 1.14%, the transport sector by 0.75%, followed by the industries sector by 0.35%, the real estate sector by 0.13%, in addition to the communications sector by 0.02%. On the other hand, the banking and financial services sector decreased by 0.10%, and the consumer services sector by 0.04%.
At 10:00 am, the Qatar Stock Exchange recorded transactions worth 118.022 million riyals, distributed to 56.848 million shares, with the implementation of 3351 transactions.


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