Salary of 90 policemen occupying government accommodation will be cut, even after transfer did not leave the room…


Kanpur : In the Police Commissionerate, 90 police personnel have occupied government houses. These bullies are posted in other districts. But, have not left the government quarters. Possession is being maintained even after receiving repeated notices. Now along with deducting the salary of all these police personnel, departmental action has been warned.

Non district has been transferred

According to Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari, residences have been made for the sub-inspector and constables posted in the police department in the police line and rail market. Out of these, there are about 90 such constables. Those who have been transferred to non-district, but have not left the government house till date. They were given notice many times but there was no effect. Now, taking strict action, everyone has been ordered to cut one month’s salary. Also, everyone was given an ultimatum to take departmental action.

Capture will be done by breaking the lock

The Joint Commissioner of Police says that if the policemen do not agree even after salary cut and departmental action, then the house will be vacated by breaking the lock. There are a large number of policemen who are posted in the city. But, they are not getting accommodation. More than 250 policemen have applied for government accommodation.

Report: Ayush Tiwari


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