Punjab: Pakistan is not improving, BSF shot down another drone on International Border, fifth incident in four days


Punjab: For some time, the incidents of Pakistani drones on the international border are increasing. Pakistani drones are being seen entering the Indian border here. Over the past few days, these incidents have increased even more. Let us tell you that BSF jawans have shot down five Pakistani drones during the last four days. A similar incident of Pakistani drone has been registered at Punjab International Border last night. Here BSF jawans have shot down another black colored drone. Suspected heroin has also been recovered from this drone.

This is the fifth such incident in four days.

The Border Security Force (BSF) has shot down a Pakistani drone that entered India to drop drugs on the International Airport in Punjab. This is the fifth such incident in four days. A BSF spokesperson said that the drone was shot down in Amritsar sector of Bhaini Rajputana village in Amritsar district at around 9 pm last night. He told that BSF has recovered black color DJ Matrice 300 RTK drone and also seized 2.1 kg of suspected heroin being carried from it.

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A small burning torch was also recovered from the drone.

According to the spokesperson, a small burning torch has also been recovered from the drone, so that drug smugglers can trace the consignment and recover it from the fields in the Indian border. This is the fifth incident of shooting down of an unmanned aerial vehicle on the Punjab border after May 19. According to officials, in the last four days, some more incidents of soldiers hearing the sound of drone flying have also come to the fore, but nothing could be ascertained in it.

3.3 kg of suspected drugs recovered

BSF soldiers shot down two drones on the border last Friday, while the third drone fell on the Pakistani border. A BSF spokesperson had told that since the third drone had fallen in Pakistani territory, it could not be recovered. Security forces also shot down a drone in the Amritsar sector on Saturday night and recovered 3.3 kg of suspected narcotics being transported through it. (with language input)


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