Horrific road accident in Ranchi: High speed car crushed 20 wedding processions in Sandi village of Sikidiri, 3 died


Ormanjhi (Ranchi), Rohit Lal: One in Sikidiri police station area of ​​Ranchi district fatal road accident 3 people died and more than one and a half dozen people were injured. A speeding car ran over many people in the procession. Three people including the warts of the bride and groom died in this. About 20 people were injured, who have been admitted to Curesta Global Hospital and RIMS.

The car crushed the wedding procession in Sikidiri’s Sandi

This horrific accident happened on Monday late night. sikidiri Happened in Sandi of the police station area. The procession had reached Sandi from Lupungzada of Gondlipokhar in Angada. The procession had started at the bride’s door. The reception of the procession was going on. Meanwhile, a speeding car rammed into the procession on the side of the road. After trampling the baraatis, the car also hit the groom’s car.

3 people died including warts of bride and groom

The car which crushed so many people, two people were traveling in it. One of them ran away from the car. The villagers caught hold of the other and beat him up. Later he was handed over to the police. People from both the bride and groom were injured in the accident. The condition of many is critical. The warts of the boy and the girl died. The girl’s maternal grandfather is seriously injured. The boy’s two brothers and uncle were also injured.

53 road accidents took place in these places of Ranchi in 14 and a half months, 43 people lost their lives

After singing and dancing, there was a procession at the bride’s door

The groom’s name has been told as Ganesh Mahato and the bride’s name as Leela Kumari. After dancing and singing, the atmosphere of happiness turned into sorrow after this accident that happened during the reception of the baraatis. There was an outcry. Immediately the police was informed about this. Police has started questioning a person in the car in custody.

The food prepared for the baraatis was left.

married in the night

After this accident, the concern increased about whether the marriage will happen now or not. But, the boy’s side talked about getting the marriage done. The marriage took place with the consent of both the parties and the bridegroom took the bride away after seeing her off. In the morning, the ritual of the bride’s pagphera was also completed. The marriage took place, but the food was wasted. There is an atmosphere of sorrow in both the families.


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