First day of exchange of 2000 rupee notes, such a view was seen in bank branches


from RBI 2000 After the announcement of demonetisation of Rs 1000 note, the process of replacing it has started in banks from today. People are slowly reaching bank branches to exchange 2000 notes. However, when the bank branches opened in the morning, there was no rush to exchange notes. Branches of private sector banks in metros traded normally. It is known that RBI has given time from 23 May to 30 September to change 2000 notes.

What do bank officials have to say

A senior official of a public sector bank said that there is not much rush as of now as there is four months to exchange the notes and the Rs 2,000 currency is relatively less in circulation. Unlike the last demonetisation in 2016, this time Rs 2,000 notes remain legally valid. The official said the branches are not overcrowded as of now and deposits are being accepted as per the extant guidelines.

RBI gave this advice to banks for those who came to exchange or deposit 2000 notes

RBI The RBI has advised banks to arrange ‘shades’ to protect people from the sun when they come to exchange or deposit Rs 2,000 notes. Along with this, drinking water should also be arranged for the people in the queue. Banks have been asked to make note exchange facility available over the counter in the normal way. Apart from this, banks have been asked to keep the details of 2000 notes deposited and exchanged daily.

Banks were crowded during 2016 demonetisation

It is noteworthy that in 2016, when the demonetisation was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there were long queues in banks to exchange notes. Whereas, despite the announcement of withdrawal of Rs 2000 notes, there is no panic among the people. This is because it remains legal tender.

Only 10 notes of 2000 will be changed in a day

RBI has made it clear that between May 23 and September 30, any person can go to banks and exchange 10 2000 notes in a day. RBI has also made it clear that no ID card and form filling is required to exchange notes.


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