Ahmedabad: Fastag car parking facility launched for better parking at SVPI airport


Ahmedabad-based Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI) Airport has introduced FASTag car parking to improve parking facilities. People traveling to the airport will be able to take advantage of this new facility from May 23. People coming to pick up or drop off family members can use this facility at Terminal 2. Electronic Toll Collection System FASTag is another addition to the best of SVPIA technologies. This will increase the convenience of passengers and give them the best experience.

SVPIA has been focusing on building technology infrastructure since its inception. The FASTag facility has one lane each for faster entry and exit of vehicles at SVPIA. With the introduction of FASTag, the movement of vehicles in the parking will be faster, which will save time and fuel. An important advantage of FASTag is that it does not require cash transactions, providing easy and fast parking options to all.

Now there will be no manual intervention for passengers to wait for parking receipt or make cash/credit payment at the time of entry or exit at the airport, making the overall parking experience seamless. However, passengers using FASTag parking must ensure that their FASTag has sufficient balance and is active.

Further, passengers entering the designated FASTag lane will have to pass through the same lane to exit. Passengers will not have to pay anything extra for parking facility after paying the standard rate. SVPIA Airport regularly upgrades technology to improve daily operations.

How to do parking?

While entering 1. Vehicles entering the T2 premises shall approach the T2 access road.2. After entry, move the vehicles to the designated lane for FASTag.3. The FASTag controller at the entry gate will read the tag on the windscreen of the vehicle.4. After the boom gate is opened, the vehicle can go for parking.

On exit 1. Exiting the designated FASTag lane 2. The chargeable parking fee will be automatically deducted as soon as the control system reads the tag.3. The boom gate will allow the vehicle to exit.

However, the manual parking system and pass-through lanes for commuters without FASTag continue to be in place at SVPIAs.


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