A child fell from the roof on the night of Amavasya, in fear of human sacrifice, the child’s body was removed from the grave, the brother-in-law did tantra mantra


Aligarh: On the night of Amavasya, a three-year-old child died after falling from the roof. The child had come to his aunt’s house in Mukundpur on 19th May. Was sleeping on the terrace with everyone. The family members buried the child. Three days after the incident, the child’s parents felt that he had not died after falling from the roof. In the desire of the boy, the brother-in-law himself has sacrificed him. The child’s father says that my child has been killed due to tantra-mantra. The innocent should not be trapped in the incident and the guilty should be punished. My son was sacrificed in the affair of the boy. My sister is innocent but brother-in-law Rajeev has sacrificed the child with the help of a tantrik.

3 year old boy came to aunt’s house on 19th

The police is talking about the accident but after the complaint of the father, the post-mortem of the child has been done. The matter pertains to the police station Madrak area of ​​Aligarh district. Iglas Circle Officer Vishal Chaudhary told that on 19th, a 3-year-old boy had gone to his aunt’s house in Mukundpur. Fell down and got injured while sleeping on the terrace at night. The relatives took him to the hospital. Where the child was declared dead. Though buried by the relatives, the child was suspected to have been murdered the next day. The complaint was given in the police station. Taking action according to the rules, the police is conducting the post-mortem regarding the incident. Further action will be taken after the post mortem report comes.

Brother-in-law sacrificed the child in the affair of Tantriks

Hariom, the uncle of the dead boy, told that he had received a call on Friday night itself that the nephew had fallen. When he reached the spot, he was out of breath. Took to the hospital. Where the child was declared dead. When there was a possibility of murder, a complaint was lodged with the police. Hariom told that there is an affair of worship. My sister had 3 girls. The same mantra was also done to get the fourth child boy. The fourth child was also a girl. The child has been sacrificed in the affair of the tantriks.


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