Why did the demand for gold and silver suddenly increase after the 2000 note was out of circulation, crowd at the petrol pump too!


The Reserve Bank of India on Friday 19 May 2000 It was announced to withdraw the notes of Rs. After which there has been a slight disturbance among the people. Thinking of many ways to spend the 2000 note kept with you. However, RBI has made it clear that from May 23 to September 30, people can easily exchange Rs 2000 notes in banks. can change that. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das also said, there is no need to worry about the 2000 note, 4 months time has been given, there is no need to rush, so you can comfortably go to the bank and change 2000 rupees.

Sony’s demand suddenly increased after 2000 was taken out of circulation

With the announcement of the 2000 note being out of circulation, the demand for gold has suddenly increased. The crowd of people has increased in the bullion market. Actually, 2000 notes may have gone out of circulation, but it is still a legal tender. People in the market can use it. Seeing this, people are engaged in consuming it in the bullion market. To spend the notes quickly, people have started buying household items like gold, air conditioners and refrigerators. Ankita Pathak, an economist, said in a conversation with Bloomberg Television, this is expected to give some support to growth as consumption is expected to pick up.

Suddenly the crowd increased at the petrol pump

According to the news of PTI, people are reaching the petrol pump to exchange 2000 notes. According to media reports, the payment of 2000 notes at the petrol pump has increased almost five times. According to the president of the Indore Petrol Pump Dealers Association, there has been a spurt in the payment of Rs 2000 notes at petrol pumps in recent times.

RBI Governor’s first reaction on the closure of Rs 2000 note, said- 4 months time to change the note comfortably enough

No form, no ID required to exchange Rs 2,000 note

No form or identity card is required to replace a maximum of 10 Rs 2,000 notes (total Rs 20,000) withdrawn from circulation. The public was given time till September 30 to deposit or exchange these notes in bank accounts.

How different is 2000 note ban from 2016 note ban?

The Rs 2,000 notes will remain legal tender until September 30, even after the announcement of their withdrawal from circulation, while the Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes were invalidated overnight in November 2016 demonetisation.


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