Surat: With the help of Adani Foundation, Vazirbhai was invited for the exhibition at Rashtrapati Bhavan


The people of the Kotwalia community, a primitive group of Gujarat, have expertise in making bamboo artefacts. Vajirbhai Kotwalia, a craftsman from Hathakundi village in Netrang taluk of Bharuch district, is trying to keep alive and develop the bamboo art of his community.

After receiving support from Adani Foundation, Dahej in the last one year has added many new dimensions to his work and campaign. Vajirbhai Kotwalia has been invited by the Hon’ble President of India for a conference cum exposure visit. Where they will get an opportunity to talk about the status of their Kotwalia community.

Vazirbhai Kotwalia has engaged 50 members of his community in the business with limited resources. Has been participating in various fairs and exhibitions in collaboration with government and organizations. However, he had no contact with the market. Many families had given up woodworking due to lack of income, but Wazirbhai and his family continued.

Adani Foundation supported Wazirbhai with necessary machinery    <p> </p>  <p>Ms. Ushaben Mishra, CSR Head, Adani Foundation, Dahej says that when we met Wazirbhai, we talked about the need for some help to keep this art alive.  With the help of Vazirbhai, we formed a Sakhi Mandal of Kotwalia community women and registered it with the name "Jai Dev Mogra Ma Group Hathkundi". </p>  <p>The group got an opportunity to showcase and sell their products at Gram Bharti held at Adani Group's corporate house in Ahmedabad as well as meet Adani Group Chairman Gautambhai Adani and Adani Foundation Chairperson Mrs. Dr. Pritiben Adani.  Gram Bharti has paved the way for their success and has opened many doors to sell their products.  They have also coordinated with offices like DRDA, DIC and Tribal Sub-Plans so that they can be benefited from various schemes of the government.</p>  <p>To strengthen Vazirbhai and the group associated with him, the Adani Foundation has contributed the necessary machinery for woodworking.  Recently a toolbox for cutting and polishing bamboo was given by Adani Foundation's Head of CSR, Gujarat, Ms.  With these machines, they will make competitive products in the market, save their time in cutting bamboo cords and earn more.</p>  <p>Vajirbhai Kotwalia is very excited to visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi in the first week of June and is busy with official procedures for this.  Wazirbhai says I am doing bamboo work from last 25 years as a representative of Kotwali Samaj, so many government officials have selected me to go to Rashtrapati Bhavan as a representative of Kotwali Samaj, I am very happy and feel proud I am doing  We have received and are receiving a lot of support and cooperation from Adani Foundation.  The support I have received now for the machinery is the biggest support I have received till date, I am very grateful to Adani Foundation.</p>  


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