Jharkhand: 10 lakh will be spent on religious rituals in Kharsawan, 70 thousand will be spent on Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra


Seraikela-Kharsawan: A meeting was held on Monday to organize various religious rituals including Lord Jagannath’s Rath Yatra in the Kharsawan block auditorium of Jharkhand. In the meeting, it was decided to organize all the religious rituals with complete law and order. It was told that this year an allocation of Rs 15.80 lakh has been received on the head of worship. This amount will be spent on ten different worship and religious rituals along with other items. This year the amount was increased for all the rituals. About ten lakh rupees will be spent in religious rituals. The remaining amount will be spent on other items. Special repairs are being done to the chariot of Lord Jagannath. About 1.30 lakh rupees will be spent on the repair of the chariot. On coming June 20, the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath will be taken out.

Ten religious rituals are organized at government expense

Ten pujas and religious rituals are organized in Kharsawan with the amount received from the law department of the state government. In this, mainly Chadak Puja, Chaitra festival, Rath Yatra, Dhulia Jantal Puja, Nuakhai Jantal Puja, Indrotsav, Durga Puja, Kali Puja as well as Muharram are organized. Along with this, Maa Pauri is worshiped every week at Pauri Peeth located in Kumharsahi of Kharsawan.

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For the first time in 1948, an allocation of Rs 5,587 was received.

For the ten religious rituals in Kharsawan, funds are given to the Kharsawan circle office by the law department of the government. It is said that for the first time in 1948, an allocation of Rs 5,587 was received from the then Bihar government for various religious rituals. In the last financial year 2022-23, an amount of 7.5 lakh was received from the state government, whereas in the financial year 2021-22, an allocation of five and a half lakh was received.

Rath Yatra is being organized from the time of King-Rajwada

Various religious rituals have been organized in Kharsawan since the time of the king-kingdom. King Gopal Singhdev of the Kharsawan royal family tells that earlier money was spent from the treasury for these events. After the independence of the country, during the merger of the princely state of Kharsawan with the Republic of India, in the year 1947, the then king of Kharsawan Shriramchandra Singhdev had entered into a merger agreement with VP Menon, Home Secretary (Political Affairs), Government of India. It is mentioned in the merger agreement that all the religious and cultural rituals, which were organized by the king during the princely state, will be organized at the government level. Under this agreement, allocation is received from the government for various rituals including worship. He told that according to the sentiments of people of all religions and societies, place was given to worship and festivals. He told that for the first time in the year 1948, an allocation of Rs 5,587 was received from the government for the events of these pujas.

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The organization of various pujas was also discussed in the meeting. Raj Gopal Narayan Singhdev, CO Gautam Kumar, Mo Dildar, Rakesh Dash, Nandu Pandey, Sumant Chandra Mohanty, Sushil Shadangi, Govardhan Raut, Manik Singhdev, Rati Ranjan Nanda, Vaidyanath Nayak, Habu Shadangi, Vijay were mainly present in the meeting. Shahu, Om Prakash Singh, Kamlesh Padihari etc. were present.

How much amount will be spent for which puja

Pooja: Amount spent last year: Expenses to be incurred this year

Chadak Pooja : 35,000 : 40,000

Rath Yatra : 62,500 : 70,000

Dhulia Jantal : 20,000 : 22,000

Indra Puja : 10,000 : 12,000

Muharram : 18,000 : 20,000

Nuakhai Jantal : 17,000 : 20,000

Durga Puja : 1,21,000 : 1,25,000

Kali Puja : 55,000 : 60,000

Cultural Program : 1,05,000 : 1,00,000

Poundi Pooja : 2,60,000 : 2,60,000

Chaitra Puja : 00 : 1,30,000

Chariot Repair : 00 : 1,30,000


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