GCC condemns vandalism at Qatar embassy in Khartoum


The countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have condemned the storming and vandalizing of Qatar’s embassy building in Khartoum by irregular armed forces.

Qatar has condemned in the strongest terms the irregular armed forces’ storming and vandalizing of its embassy building in Khartoum.

Also, it confirmed that the embassy staff had previously been evacuated and that none of the diplomats or embassy staff were subjected to any harm.

In a statement on Saturday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed the need to spare embassies, diplomatic missions, headquarters of international organizations, and civilian facilities the consequences of the fighting in Sudan and to prosecute the perpetrators and hold them accountable for the consequences of this heinous criminal act, which constitutes a violation of international law and agreements.

The ministry reaffirmed the position of Qatar, which calls for an immediate halt to the fighting in Sudan, exercising maximum restraint, resorting to the voice of reason, giving priority to the public interest, and sparing civilians the consequences of the fighting.

The ministry also expressed Qatar’s desire for all parties to pursue dialogue and peaceful ways to overcome differences.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has condemned and denounced the storming and vandalizing of the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry stressed that the kingdom completely rejects all forms of violence and vandalism against diplomatic missions and representations, calling on all Sudanese sides to adhere to calm as agreed during the latest talks in Jeddah, and engage in the political track that seeks to reach a just and comprehensive solution to the crisis in the sisterly Republic of Sudan.

Kuwait and Oman also condemned the attack on the Qatari embassy building.

The GCC expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the storming and vandalizing of the Qatari embassy’s building in Khartoum and to all forms of violence and vandalism, especially those targeting premises of diplomatic missions and affiliate buildings.

GCC Secretary-General Jassem Al Budaiwi reiterated the call to parties of the conflict to act quickly for stopping military operations, exercise maximum restraint, abstain from escalation, respect international agreements and diplomatic norms that guarantee sanctity and safety of diplomatic missions’ premises and their employees as well as to spare civilians effects of the conflict.

He called on all parties to the conflict for serious engagement in the Jeddah talks, to reach a comprehensive political declaration that achieves security, stability and prosperity for Sudan and its people.


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